Women Changing Geek Culture

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I don’t know about y’all, but I love to read about women making waves. The Kernel published a great article about 11 women who are changing geek culture. Hell yes, I’ll read that. But why, Kaitie? Geek culture is already so rad! True. Very true. But it’s also full of cliques and factions, just like every other culture and sub-culture. Don’t get upset, we all know it’s true. But that’s the beautiful thing about this particular list. Not eleven cosplayers who are shaking up the game. Not eleven scientists or writers or gamers or web developers. Nuh uh. Women shaking up geek culture as a whole. For a list with only eleven people on it, it has shocking variety, and I will always champion variety. All of these women are doing big and beautiful things and are well worth a read, if not two.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, woman number one on The Kernel’s list of 11, Ms. Lindsey Stirling! (We are so fangirling right now.)


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