61 Awesome Subscription Boxes for Geeks

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Hello internet friends! Lately I’ve been pondering subscription boxes. You know, you sign up and get Christmas delivered straight to your door every month. Speaking of Christmas, subscription boxes are also great gifts for those friends and family members who may have general interests but you don’t know *exactly* what to buy them. Just pick a subscription that matches one or more of their interests and buy them a couple of months worth. Perfect. The only real problem is that there are literal thousands of different boxes you can buy. Because (and in spite) of the overwhelming options, I went on a quest to find the best “geeky” subscription boxes. I found a lot. But, lucky for you, I’ve spent a ton of time researching boxes and reading reviews so that you don’t have to. I feel confident my current list of boxes is the cream of the crop (at least until someone else comes up with a new awesome box lol). **Disclaimer: All prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar amount.**

The first three subscriptions on this list aren’t really single boxes. Lootcrate, Quarterly, and Funko all have multiple boxes. These “big three” offer more than just multiple sizes and purchasing options; they each offer multiple boxes with completely separate contents and theme for each box. I’m working breaking down all of their boxes and will update this post with a link to that information as soon as I’m done. For now, each company gets only one entry on this list. (Hey, there has to be room for the other amazing boxes!)

  1. Lootcrate

    We all know Lootcrate as the quintessential “geek-box”. What many do not know is that loot crate does not only make one box. Not even two or three. Seventeen. Yep. Lootcrate has 17 individual subscription boxes. Everything from geeky clothes to gaming gear can be found on their site, not to mention things like pop culture goodies and even products for our fur families. Cost: $9-$48

  2. Funko POP

    Funko, much like Lootcrate, has figured out that niche boxes are awesome and they currently have four to choose from. Disney, Marvel, DC, and Star Wars have all officially partnered with Funko to bring you these fun bi-monthly boxes that contain an exclusive Pop! Vinyl in every box as well as pins, clothing and more. You have the option to buy boxes one at a time or to pay for the whole year, which will give you a small discount as well as an exclusive gift. Cost: $25

  3. Quarterly

    Quarterly is the last of the multi box companies on my list. They have lifestyle boxes such as Fiction, YA fiction, Culinary, Biohack, and Maker. Both the Fiction and YA Fiction boxes come with handwritten notes and annotations by the featured author as well as “bookish” goods. Biohack features things to enhance your health while training, whereas Culinary has things like recipes from well known chefs and unusual ingredients. Maker is the last box, and my personal favorite. It’s claim to fame is a bunch of fun STEM and DIY projects for people of all ages curated by a new expert each month. Cost: $99/quarter

Now we get to the fun stuff! These subscriptions span all kinds of topics, from books to anime, snacks to video games. I’m lumped them loosely by category, but there is some overlap. So dig in and have fun!

    1. Owl Crate

      Each Owl Crate contains one new hardcover young adult novel, as well as 3-5 other book keepsakes to help you get on your way for your literary adventure. Each box is built to be extremely exciting and is themed. Every now and then the box will include a special goodie from the author. Cost: You have two Pricing/ Age options: Owl Crate (Ages 14+) – $30-$168 or Owl Crate JR (Ages 8-12) – $28- $156

    2. The Bookish Box

      There are literally so many options for this box it’s ridiculous. Most boxes come with a Book, a t-shirt, and a selection of goodies from the company. However, you can choose just the shirt, adult books, YA novels… there are seemingly endless combinations. You can even head on over to the main page of their site and buy individual past boxes or one off goodies. I have my eye on the Tim Burton Box… Cost: $18 – $322

    3. Illumicrate

      With this crate, you get a newly released book and a bunch of fun goodies like bookmarks, jewelry, stationery, and more! You will receive a guaranteed 3-5 items EXCLUSIVE to illumicrate per delivery. This subscription occurs quarterly and has one set price, because sometimes simplicity is better. Cost: $40

    4. Unicorn Crate

      Lions, Tigers, and bears are so overrated, it’s all about Unicorns now! For all you unicorn and book lovers, this crate is for you! It comes with a new release Fantasy novel and 5-6 book items related to the month’s theme! You’re also guaranteed to get AT LEAST 1 unicorn item! Things such as candles, bookmarks, prints, pins, teas, totes, and accessories have all been part of past boxes. Cost: $37 – $204

    5. Book of the Month Club

      Book of the Month’s subscription is more… personalized, than some of the others. It’s a box that provides you with a book. However, you get to PICK your book! The site will give you multiple options and you get to choose! It also includes a special surprise inside! Cost: $10

    6. Once Upon a Book Club

      Once Upon a Book Club’s subscription comes with a singular book, a quote print, and 3-5 items that match the quote from the book! Simple, elegant, lacking excess clutter. Perfect. Cost: $35

    7. Fairy Loot

      Each Fairy Loot box comes with a recently release hardback copy of a Young Adult fantasy novel, a unique reading card that links you up with another person who received the box, 5-6 high quality book goodies that relate to the book/theme of the month (each goodie is received from businesses around the globe and are EXCLUSIVE to this subscription), a copy of the fairy loot mini newsletter, a letter from the author, and a signed bookplate. Often they include promotional items for other young adult books, and a packing list with amazing artwork that details where all the items in your box are from! Cost: $35

    8. Shelflove

      Shelflove Crate is a Fantasy & Sci-Fi YA subscription box containing a book and other “book-ish” treats such as candles, tea, bookmarks, etc. This subscription is delivered monthly and they have plans ranging from 1-6 months. I love how it specifically caters to the fantasy an sci-fi lit. genres. Cost: $30

    9. Kawaii Box

      Cute overload! This Kawaii box delivers 8-10 Japanese and/or Korean Kawaii items right to your door every month. Candy, beauty accessories, stationary, and more. In case you are wondering if this subscription is the real deal, fear not! They’ve been featured all over the place, including by Buzzfeed and on NBC’s Today Show! This is one box I can’t wait to try! Cost: $20

    10. Lootaku

      Lootaku is a premium geek, anime, and gamer subscription box! Each box comes with exclusive items that are only sold in Japan/Asia! Reviews all agree that this is a very fun subscription to unbox. Cost: $45

    11. Tokyo Otaku Mode

      Something that goes REALLY well with the Kawaii crate is the Otaku Mode Snack Box! Each box you receive comes with a plethora of candy from the wonderful land of Japan! You even have 3 different sized boxes to choose from! Skoshbox, Dekabox, and MEGABOX all have varying amounts of snackage (Deka and Mega boxes both come with a “mystery item.”) Cost: $12 – $35

    12. Tokyo Trove

      A box full of things that take you through the streets of Japan! Each box comes with 5-7 items, a collectible shirt, and awesome delicious snacks! Cost: $30

    13. Fan Empire

      The Fan Empire is a box filled with 4-6 items that are magically geeky! All Fandoms are welcome and the products are truly varied! Fun for any fan, regardless of age or gender. Cost: $15

    14. My Geek Box

      My Geek Box is cool because it has multiple options, including a subscription for “geeks in training” (kids). A lot of reviews claim that the boxes really don’t have a cohesive “theme”. So its basically a barage of monthly random geekiness… TAKE MY MONEY! Cost: $9 – $23

    15. Infinity Crate

      Infinity Crate is a pretty varied geek subscription. Candy, clothes, decor, and more all based on the monthly theme. One cool feature is that you can choose the type of crate you want to receive every month. Standard, premium, kids, and T-shirt only. Both standard and premium crates come with a POP figure and T-shirt, guaranteed! Cost: $11 – $32

    16. Geek at Heart

      Geek at Heart Box is a box for geeks of all fandoms. It is unique because each box contains a mix of fandoms that fall under a single genre. So think a sci-fi box with multiple fandoms, as long as they are all Sci-fi. Or a fantasy box with Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones swag together. Each box comes with 5-6 quality items. Cost: $25

    17. Super Geek

      Supergeek is one of those boxes that goes from video games to TV to movies to comics! Everything you could possibly imagine that’s geek related is probably going to be in this box at some point or other. Each box contains 5-8 items related to geek and video game themes, as well as an exclusive t-shirt! How wonderful is that!? Cost: $15

    18. 1 Up Box

      This is another one of those boxes that just… comes with A LOT of stuff. Each box comes with an exclusive T-shirt, awesome toys, gaming gear, and so much more! It’s described by the company as “a monthly box of epic gear for geeks and gamers” so they really have all the bases loaded. Cost: $13

    19. ZBox

      ZBOX has a different theme every month and is filled with an exclusive shirt and 4-7 products in each box that go with the chosen theme. The focus seems to be TV, movies, and gaming… so I wouldn’t expect anything too out of the mainstream. There is definitely something to be said for that though, especially as a gift. Cost: $20

    20. Awesome Pack

      Awesome Pack has it all! Board Games, Science experiments, toys, and activity books! Talk about a little bit of something for everyone! Cost: $40

    21. Nerdy Post

      With Nerdy Post you get to choose from 3 different types of boxes, which I think is pretty nifty. You have the Nerdy Post box, which contains 4-6 different book and décor items like bookmarks, posters, stickers, postcards, quotes from and artwork inspired by the books, tv, and movies and are all are illustrated by a special guest. Then you have the Nerdy Tee’s which gives you a fandom-themed tee featuring designs associated with the theme of the month! Last, but not least, you have the Nerdy Combo, which is basically just a combination of the two previous boxes for those of you who want it all. Cost: $14 – $30

    22. Geek Gear

      Geek Gear Box is a pretty awesome box. The crates have a different theme each month and contain 5-10 items per box! However, the website states that you’ll receive 2-3 times the value you paid in return! That’s a pretty amazing deal! Cost: $24

    23. Geek Fuel

      GeekFuel is one of those boxes that includes little bit of everything. You box can range from toys/action figures, exclusive and limited edition T-shirts, household goods, collectibles, limited edition comics, everyday essentials, hardcover books, and even downloadable games! Cost: $19

    24. BAM Box

      BAM! Box is built for collectors. It may be their tagline, but it’s also the truth. Celebrity autographs, exclusive art prints, prop replicas, and collectibles are all part of this subscription. What’s not to love!? Cost: $35

    25. Fandle

      Fandle Candle. Fandom … candles… get it! What more of a description do you need? Well, I guess it’s also worthwhile to mention that the candles come with a special surprise inside. As the candle melts, a foil packet will emerge. Inside this packet… is JEWELRY! Cost: $18 – $22

    26. Wick and Fable

      Wick and Fable is one of those sites where you can either choose the monthly subscription boxes, or you can go by Fandom! Which, I think is pretty rad. They put things like candles, teas, and prints into their boxes. That’s a combo I can deeply appreciate. I don’t know that they technically count as a “subscription” box as I’m pretty sure your purchase isn’t recurring. But since they do have monthly samplers and they are geeky, so I’m counting it. Personally, I appreciate something that lets me choose if I want it or not each month. Cost: $25

    27. Simple Loose Leaf

      I don’t know about you, but when I sit down with a book, I love to have a nice cup of tea next to me. And with this box, you’ll get exactly that. Each box comes with 4 loose leaf teas (10g each) in resealable pouches, which is really awesome because they also include a few tea filters for single cup brewing! There are so many different teas options you could wind up getting! Cost: $9

    28. Bean Box

      Are you one of those people that’s just… awful to deal with in the morning? Don’t worry. I am, too. I understand. You know what else understands? Coffee! With Bean Box you can choose between a “sampler” which has four 2oz bags of coffee, or a “coffee of the month” deal where you get 12oz of the coffee of the month. The coffee is whole bean, so make sure you have a way to grind it. It also comes with tasting notes and brewing tips to enhance your coffee drinking experience. While technically not a “geek” subscription box… I need coffee to function, game, study, or create. So it tracks. Cost: $21

    29. Kal-Elle

      Kal-Elle is a fandom/geek subscription box for women! When you subscribe, each box contains 7-8 pieces of unique designed jewelry and accessories that correspond to that months theme. However, you shan’t know what that theme is until you open the box! Cost: $19

    30. Geek Chic

      Geek Chic Monthly is a box for all you girl geeks out there! In each box you receive 4-5 pieces of exclusive jewelry and accessories, a frame-able postcard, and a super awesome reusable box with a different fandom theme each month! Cost: $13

    31. Gamer Girl

      Gamer Girl Monthly is a subscription full of game themed jewelry, accessories, and other collectibles. Each box contains 3-5 items specifically made for the gamer girl. Cost: $13

    32. Fandom of the Month

      Fandom of the Month club offers 3-4 pieces of jewelry and a small hand screen printed bag all relating to a secret theme each month. A lot of what I’ve seen from them is adorable and unique, however don’t expect to get Tiffany’s for $13 a month. In my opinion it’s a great box for someone who loves fandom jewelry and accessories but doesn’t intend the pieces to be “daily drivers.” Cost: $13

    33. BOOM! Box

      The BOOM! Box is a subscription box by Espionage Cosmetics featuring nerdy nail wraps and “other wearables” such as makeup and accessories, but the nail wraps are the real focus. The boxes go out once a quarter, so don’t expect to be bombarded with manicure stuff each month. For those of you not familiar, nail wraps are basically vinyl stickers that you heat up and adhere to your (fake or natural) nails. It does take a bit of work to get the hang of them, but once you do they are kind of really amazing. Cost: $15

    34. Retro Pop

      Have you ever just wanted to feel ridiculously nostalgic? This box is literally filled with things from the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s. I took one look at a picture for one of the reviews and found FRUITSTRIPE GUM. They also showed things like a Mr. Bill and Ghostbusters swag. I was pretty much sold at that point. When you checkout, you choose one of the 3 decades they offer (or choose more than one, if you want… but you’d have to buy multiple boxes) and you receive the box on a monthly basis. Cost: $20

    35. Retro Game Treasure

      Ever wanted to just feel super nostalgic? Yeah. Me too. This is filled with everything vintage. From N64 Goldeneye to the original Legend of Zelda. Cost: $35

    36. Nick Box

      The Nick Box is nostalgia at it’s finest for us 90’s kids. They make the Nick Box in very limited quantities and it routinely sells out. So you better jump on it because once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. They seem to pack an insane amount of products into each box and each time they make one they include unique products that you can’t find anywhere else! Seriously awesome! Cost: $50

    37. Spangler

      Spangler Science Club is such a cool subscription. I’m an active advocate of focusing heavily on STEM learning. This box is made exactly for that and it makes it super fun! These boxes seemed to be geared towards parents who want to encourage their children in all things STEM, but as an adult with no children of my own… I’d still buy it. These experiments look fun, you guys! Cost: $10 – $30

    38. Kiwico 

      Kiwico is another little science subscription for all you wonderful geeks out there! It’s more of a DIY type of thing than some other learning boxes, which is awesome! Each box comes with a project, a blueprint, additional science experiments, and online video tutorials! Cost: $20

    39. Board Game Bento

      Literally a box filled with an assortment of board games, which I think is pretty cool! The company claims to deliver $80 worth of Board Games and accessories straight to you every month. Cost: $50

    40. Game Box

      Game Box Monthly is a box that provides you with indie board games! I absolutely LOVE board games! This subscription includes the newest board games and accessories. Get ready to spice up family game night. Cost: $25

    41. Box of Challenge

      Box of Challenge is a subscription for lovers of puzzles and challenges. Each box contains challenges, brainteasers, puzzles, instructions, and much more! It’s family friendly, so get everyone involved! Cost: $25

    42. Unbox Boardom

      Unbox Boardom is a super awesome board game subscription. It’s been featured on Buzzfeed, Nifty Nerd, and CrateJoy so chances are high that the quality of the games is worth the pricetag. You have the choice to “pay as you go” or get a yearly subscription. Cost: $30 – $32

    43. Comic Bento

      Each Comic Bento contains a bunch of different graphic novels and comics each month! The months are themed, so it isn’t just a hodge podge. I think this would be a great way for those who want to branch out and try new comics but don’t know where to start. TIME TO SIT DOWN AND GEEK OUT OVER COMICS! Cost: $50

    44. Comic Boxer

      Comic Boxer is another comic subscription box (I love comics) that comes with 5-7 new comics each month. Cool thing about this service is that they now have an option for children, because we all know that while we do want to foster a love of comics in the mini-geeks we love, a lot of comics are just plain inappropriate for young readers. Cost: $20

    45. Hero Box

      The HeroBox from superherostuff.com is kind of cool in that it doesn’t seem to be an actual subscription box. You have the option to purchase monthly… or not. I tend to view this as a positive thing for those who may only want certain boxes or may be overwhelmed by receiving 12-24 random fandom shirts a year. The downside is that a lot of subscription boxes give you a discount if you pay for more than one month at a time, but obviously that isn’t an option here. The content of the box seems to be well liked and considered a great value by a lot of reviewers, so it may be the best option if you have commitment issues. Cost: $50

    46. Stan Lee Box

      It may sound like a box dedicated to Stan Lee, but in reality it is curated by Stan Lee! His favorite things get delivered straight to your door every eight weeks so that they can become your favorite things too! If that weren’t enough, one in every ten boxes are signed by Stan Lee! How nifty! Cost: $20

    47. World’s Finest

      World’s Finest: The collection box for all DC comic fans! Each box contains item’s from the wonderful DC Universe! I am so ready for this! Cost: $49

    48. Pusheen

      The Pusheen Box is a seasonal box that is jam-packed with $100+ worth of stuff. From Pusheen string lights to backpacks to popsicle makers. The Summer 2017 box included a backpack, luggage tag, passport holder, Pusheen earbuds, homemade ice pop molds, crazy-straws, Pusheen shaped ice pack, and a sleeveless tee with your favorite cat all over it. If you love Pusheen, you will love this box. Cost: $44

    49. Accio 

      A subscription box centered solely around Harry Potter. Every month a box arrives in your mail and it’ll be filled with nothing but items from the Harry Potter universe. When you subscribe to the Accio box, it’ll allow you to pick your house (which is WAY cool) and then each month you’ll receive 3-5 Indie/handcrafted items, as well as something that’s house specific! The company prides itself on it’s selection of Indie and handcrafted items, which is pretty awesome! Accio box! Cost: $40

    50. Brick Loot

      BrickLoot is essentially a lego crate, and I’m a huge fan of Lego’s (except when you step on one and you think “Well, this is it. This is how it ends”.) There are even 3 different crates you can choose from. Custom kits with Lego bricks, Brick Loot exclusives, Lego accessories, custom Lego minifigures, and the newest brick items BEFORE they even hit the market are all things you may find in your box! One of the boxes even has a mystery element where they inform you of the general theme, but the contents are a surprise. Cost: $27

    51. Creepy Crate

      If you are a fan of the macabre, this bi-monthly box is definitely for you. From Friday the 13th to the original George A. Romero’s classic, Night of the Living Dead. Each crate comes with an assortment of horror themed goodies! Expect things such as a Camp Crystal Lake ball cap or “blood bath”. Each box also includes download of a true crime or horror ebook! Cost: $29.99

    52. Think Geek

      Thinkgeek has a subscription box, who knew! While I do like browsing their seemingly endless site… I’m super into the idea that products I love from a company I trust can be curated for me every month. I’m lazy like that. Capsules are limited and do sell out, so get the jump on them while you can! Cost: $25

    53. Dungeon Crate

      Fair day, worthy traveler! This is a crate filled to the brim with roleplaying game accessories that ye can use on or off thy table. What ye be expectin’ in this crate is polyhedral dice, miniatures, epic adventures, fantasy coins, rpg lifestyle items, and exclusive treasures. Cost: $30

    54. Brass Caliper

      EVERYTHING STEAMPUNK! Well… maybe not everything. But pretty close. The Brass Caliper has an awesome online store for all kinds of steampunk and fandom inspired items, but they also have a subscription box called “Brass Packs” which looks to die for. Cost: $25

    55. Letters from Dead People

      This is really awesome. It’s kind of like playing a game of “Murder Mystery”. This company has rave reviews and it’s said that they put a ton of attention and detail in each thing you receive. Each month you get a letter, DIY project, or hidden message in the mail. It’ll all come together in the end… Cost: $13

    56. Half Blood Prints

      The HalfBloodPrints box may have a name that is an obvious nod to Harry Potter, but this box does actually span multiple fandoms. Focused on “fan art” this box has some beautiful pieces of art as well as shirts and a few other goodies. There are options for different sizes and contents of the monthly box. A word to the impatient (like me), halfbloodprints is a one woman operation. A lot of reviewers have mentioned that sometimes things are a little late or they have to ask again for a tracking number, but no one has disputed the quality of product, you just have to understand that you’re working with a very small business and not a production giant. Cost: $13 – $30

    57. Charm With Me Club

      Charm With Me Club is kind of brilliant. It’s like Pandora just for geeks! In every box you receive a set of amazing and gorgeous custom charms that revolve around the months specific theme and then you can mix and match to have jewelry that represents all the things you love. Cost: $20

    58. Adult Swim Box

      With themes like Toonami, Robot Chicken, and Mr. Pickles… how could you go wrong? This is a box for people who love Adult Swim and all their raunchy, animated humor. While it may have a slightly higher price tag per box than the average subscription, that’s because it is delivered every 12 weeks instead of monthly and it comes with exclusives and collectibles that can only be acquired through the subscription. Cost: $50/quarter















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